cleaning and maintenance 

We recommend cleaning your Docril fabric with a soft-bristled brush and rinsing with water. For localized stains, clean with neutral detergent mixed in lukewarm water (maximum 38ºC/100 ºF) and rinse with water. When used in awnings, it is very important to allow the fabric to dry completely before rolling up. If the awning has to be folded with the fabric still wet, it can be dried with air (in no case hot), although due to its technical characteristics the fabric dries quickly. Our Docril® fabrics can be dry-ironed (at less than 66ºC/150ºF) with the synthetic program. Do not steam iron.
Its Safe & Clean property gives a protective barrier to the fabric that allows it to be self-cleaning, facilitating its mainte-nance. This is thanks to its score of 6 in the Oil Test (the highest oil repellency score) combined with the score of 100 in the spray test (the highest water repellency rating). The effect of these two results means that splashes, dry spots, and spills can be easily cleaned with a clean cloth or a soft bristle brush. Our spe cial Safe&Clean finish guarantees that Docril fabrics are safe and self-cleaning, as it generates a protective barrier that repels dirt. The liquid stains form small droplets that slide easily across the surface without penetrating the fabric, thus facilitating its cleaning and maintenance.).

We suggest cleaning your fabric 100% solution dyed fabrics with a soft bristle brush and rinsing with water. For localized stains clean with a neutral detergent mixed with lukewarm water (maximum 38ºC / 100ºF) and then rinse.
Our fabrics are specifically treated against mildew. In the unlikely case that mildew should appear it will be due to the colonization of microorganisms on dirt. These also incorporate a water-repellent treatment. The efficiency of this treatment decreases with time due to weathering and/or through cleaning, but it can be reapplied using different reproofing products available.
Our fabrics accept dry ironing (under 66ºC / 150ºF), sing the synthetic mode. Do not steam-iron. Ironing re-activates treatment.

Remove dust with a vacuum cleaner or pressurized air, without rubbing. Clean with a sponge or a soft brush dampened with water and soap. Do not use solvents or abrasive substances, as these are likely to damage the fabric. Rinse with clean water and dry with the panel completely unrolled.