ISO 9001

Citel’s vertical manufacturing process allows us to control the quality of our products in our facilities, from the fiber to the finished fabric. Before starting to spin, we check if the material meets the guarantee requirements to manufacture a top-quality yarn that will be the key piece of the fabric.


Innovation and the design of new fabrics require the various industrial sectors to be regulated to make the products reliable. For this reason, in 2006, a European standard was introduced, covering all the components of an external awning or external blind, especially fabrics intended for sun protection: standard UNE EN 13561 (EC mark).

Our fabrics comply with with all regulations in the countries we export to regulations from the countries we export. This fact reinforces our commitment to the quality we provide to our clients. European regulation has been established that affects all components of the awning, including the sun protection fabrics.

In 1996 Citel obtained the ISO 9001 certification, which is still present in all companies throughout the group. This certification gives the company recognition of quality and maximum safety.